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Schoeller Allibert


Innovating your logistics for a better world

Schoeller Allibert

55 years of innovative solutions for beverage industry

Crates that stand out from the crowd

If you want your products to stand out from the crowd, a well-designed crate is a business tool you simply can't afford to ignore. It lends vital support to your marketing and branding efforts and it improves your business at every link in the value chain:

  • A unique appearance differentiates the products from your competitors
  • A distinctive design adds impact to the retailer´s shelves
  • A special colour or shape helps consumers identify their favourite products for purchase

With ergonomic features that make them easy and comfortable to carry home, good beverage crates also improve the user experience and thereby help generate brand loyalty.

And let´s not forget, beverage bottles cannot travel loose. They need to be organised systematically into crates and carriers which protect them from breakages, make stacking possible, and facilitate all sorts of logistics and transport steps – from conveyor belt transfers to casual placement in the boot of the customer´s car.

Make the right choice

Choosing a beverage crate is a very important decision:
there are numerous parameters that need to be considered in the process.

Secondary packaging expresses the personality of a brand. Colours, shapes and textures all help to build your products’ visual identity, communicating your messages to your target groups about the fit between their requirements and your product proposition. What does your brand say to your consumers? Is that message accurately reflected in the design of your beverage crate?

Competition and the diversity and complexity of the marketplace put shelf space at a premium. If your products are not
displayed in a prime position, the risk is that consumers will simply pass by them. A distinctive crate makes your product
more visible and grabs the attention of your target group.

The brand experience
They say that strong brands are introduced through advertising, but built through experience. The design of your crates – their feel and the unique aspects of how they function are all from an important part of your customers' opinions about your brand.

Getting there safely
Of course, the physical characteristics of a crate must be linked, for maximum efficiency and productivity, to your business systems; dimensions, size, weight and robustness are all aspects of this. The parameters of the crate must perfectly fit in with your primary packaging, transport vehicles, warehouse systems, and retailers requirements.

What we can do for you

Thanks to our long experience, and the variety of our product range, we are confident we can identify a suitable crate for your brand. Moreover, we have the design and systems expertise to develop unique solutions for our customers. So if you don´t find the perfect crate in our existing range, we will work together with you on a customised one.

Innovation to maintain differentiation
All new products features eventually become general market standard. Therefore, ongoing innovations are needed for differentiation. As a trendsetter in the business, we develop new ideas and solutions.

Benefit from our experience and know-how
We have more than fifty years experience in the secondary packaging business and provide a wide array of solutions for agriculture, automotive, food, manufacturing, retail and many other industries. Consequently, we have built up a valuable knowledge database and can put it to good use for you!

3D effect
The Chimay crate features in-mould labels
with a realistic 3D effect, achieved
using a shading corrector.

What we can do for you

Partner us – to save time and money
While we work together, we develop new designs that work in practice. And with you we adjust them to a perfect fit! Being involved at an early stage in your design process we can provide valuable input to key design decisions and may help to prevent wasting precious resources.

Adaptation of standard products
To keep your budget as low as possible, our range of standard solutions can be adapted to your needs. This is a cost-efficient way of getting a unique distribution solution since no new moulds are needed.

Advantage of global thinking
Schoeller Alllibert is a company recognised worldwide, with extensive facilities to test new products and features for a perfect solution. We support global brands with modern, reusable and recyclable products. Our crates and containers are almost exclusively made out of plastic, which is recyclable after a long lifecycle.

3 component technology
The Veltins crate has a
straight-lined design, well-rounded
corners and open handles.

What we can do for you

The design process: from drawing to finished beverage crate.

First 4 colour print on crate for the African market with the world brand image of Heineken, the K2 design.

Crate with IML around the corner and soft touch handgrip on all sides including middle grip.

Crate families

If you want your products to reach the broadest possible target group, it makes sense to decide on crate families. Each of the crates carry the same brand promise but vary in shape and size.

Product dimensions
The basic members of crate families are the 20 x 0.5 l and 24 x 0.33 l crates. Additionally, there are the small packaging units of 11 x 0.5 l and 12 x 0.33 l.

Consumer profile
Smaller crates are especially suitable for those markets where a beverage is recently launched. Until the consumers become confident and like the product, they tend to purchase smaller quantities. By contrast, established markets can confidentially carry the larger crates. Consumption habits also vary between age groups, household size and countries.

Features to look for in a beverage crate

When you look at beverage crates, the most important features fall into two categories:

First, the rational features which facilitate the handling of the crate and, second, those aspects of the design which stimulate the consumers emotionally and encourage them to make a purchase decision. At Schoeller Allibert we continuously develop new product features to meet both criteria.

Customer stories

Customer stories

Case Study: Veltins 20 x 0.5l

Differentiating from the competition, a clear appearance and more uniqueness were the requirements of C.&A.

Veltins concerning the design of their new beverage crate. After two years period of development the agency Porsche Design has created a bottle crate by using an innovative three-component technology from Schoeller Allibert. The modern Veltins crate represents a new crate type that convinces by concise and functional appearance. It impresses by a straight-lined design, its well-rounded corners, the wide opened hand grips and, not least, its distinctive two-colour design. « We have developed a puristic design, that interprets the relief label writing in a new way and creates a totally new market presence », says Veltins – Marketing Director Herbert Sollich.*

*Source: „Neuer Auftritt schafft Wettbewerbsdifferenzierung“, C.&A. VELTINS GmbH & Co. KG, Pressrelease, 1 Quarter 2009

Customer stories

Case Study: Radeberger 20 x 0.5l

Schoeller Allibert´s continuous innovations in plastics technology led to the novel Radeberger crate. This stunning two-coloured packaging was achieved using a two-component injection moulding process on the inside face of the crate. The crate’s smooth inner surfaces glow like red velvet, cutting a high-quality dashing image. « A look at Radeberger Pilsener´s 2007 first half sales figures is cause for much rejoicing. The starting signal for the relaunch of the brand was sounded a few days before Easter. Statements such as ‘Once you´ve purchased the new Radeberger crate, nothing else will do´ is the very best motivation for the sales team » and proves a successful product design.**

**Source:`Radeberger Pilsener jetzt national in neuer Premium-Ausstattung`, in: Magazin der Radeberger Gruppe KG, 2/2007, page 36

Customer stories

Case Study: Labertaler 12 x 0,7l

This  12 x 0,7l Labertaler crate was designed to replace the old brown standard pool crate. The individual design  involves the company colours and the logo in the best way. The brand recognition and distinction from the competitors was important for Labertaler. Therefore Schoeller Allibert met these expectations perfectly.

The crate has in-mould labels and a huge display for a better view of the bottles. The optimized height of Labertaler crates, makes it also possible to load one layer more on a  euro pallet in order to save space and transport costs.

Customer stories

Case Study: Libella 20 x 0,5l

Libella is an important licence beverage brand with more than 50 years of success. Currently about 30 licence partners bottle Libella. Sales are focused on the south German market, but are also international.

Schoeller Allibert designed an attractive crate for Wild which reflects the popularity of the Libella brand in the premium segment. The crate  attracts attention and underlines, with the yellow and green colour, the fresh appearance of the brand. The crate is dividable and therefore easier to carry and more comfortable.

Customer stories

Case Study: Original Spezi crate 20x0,5l

Riegele is a regional orientated brewery with its focus on beverage specialities. The company also owns the mineral water spring « Mozart Quelle ». With Original Spezi , Riegele is one of the market leaders in the mixed drink section.

The individual appealing design makes the 20 x 0.5l Spezi crate unique. This solution is compatible with all common crates on the German market and runs on established conveyor systems.

Customer stories

Case Study: Adelholzener 12x 0,75l

Adelholzener Alpenquellen produces medicinal waters, mineral water and soft drinks in the Chiemgau region at the foot of the Bavarian Alps in Southern Germany. The high quality of its products and numerous innovations set the company apart.

After intense exchange between Adelholzener and Schoeller Allibert, they received an individual attention-grabbing two-component crate with a blue basic body and a silver mountain shape. The crate has an outstanding appearance at the point of sale.

The crates can be stacked three on one high. As a result there is space for one pallet more on a truck than before.

Special bottle crates

Besides standard solutions, Schoeller Allibert offers special types of beverage crates which are even lighter and easier to carry than usual. What makes these crates so comfortable for consumers? Either they can be divided into two parts and are therefore lighter in weight, or else they are smaller than standard size and have a very comfortable central hand grip... or they are a combination of all three features!

Special bottle crates

Dividable Crate: Paulaner

From a consumer´s point of view, dividable crates are easy to split in two and to carry home. For producers there is another major advantage; they can be used in standard filling lines. This 20 x 0,5l crate made for Paulaner is divided in two by pointing the two golden handles upwards towards the middle.

Special bottle crates

Dividable Crate: Bellheimer

Due to the changing needs of modern households, the Bellheimer beer crate is can be split for good handling. The individual visual identity conforms the brand in the best way.

Special bottle crates

Dividable Crate: Hoepfner

The modern bottle crate design for Hoepfner meets the requirements of its customers – modern look and feel, can be split, best carrying comfort. Schoeller Allibert designed the 20 x 0.5l crate with in-mould labels. The crate is dividable in two by pointing the two golden handles upwards towards the middle.

Special bottle crates

Standard crate: Wolters

A new design for a returnable crate for 20 x 0,5l bottles. Owing to the design on the in-mould label (iml) the brand has a clear visibility on the market. The printed protective film on the in-mould label prevents the advertising message from being scratched, and the crates are fitted with comfortable handles.

Special bottle crates

Display crate: Gerolsteiner

These can be made in such a way as to show one or all of the bottles inside, depending on the customer´s requirements. Their central hand grips make our display crates very comfortable to carry and therefore encourage impulse buys. The example shown here is a small full display crate developed for Gerolsteiner 6 x 1l.

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Schoeller Allibert also provides pallets, bottle carriers and other similar products to facilitate transportation of your beverages. These are all being used with increasing frequency in the beverage industry.

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Available in light to heavy weight versions to suit a variety of different applications. We also offer special pallets designed for use with kegs and beverage crates.

Plastic pallets ranges

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Bottle Carrier

This is the attractive alternative to shrink wrap packaging. It has the twin advantages of optimal presentation and a high degree of carrying convenience.

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This is a warehousing and transport system for the high-growth, large, volume water container market.

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Fluid Packaging

The combo bag-in-box system consists of a stable, foldable container and a flexible, internal pouch for holding liquids, such as fruit juice concentrates.

Intermediate Bulk Containers ranges

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Foldable Large Container

We offer a comprehensive range of foldable large containers for transporting a wide variety of products, such as crown caps for bottles or labels.

Foldable Large Container ranges

Our 360° approach to beverage industry

Your next step?

This brochure contains just a small selection of the packaging solutions that Schoeller Allibert has created for the beverage industry in recent years. For obvious reasons, we can only show you products that are already available on the retailers´ shelves. However, we are continually developing new technologies and have many other existing developments in the pipeline.

As the market leader in returnable plastic packaging, we recognise the need for continual innovation. We therefore explore all new avenues in order to offer our customers differentiated solutions that will meet the needs of a rapidly evolving market place – both today and in the future.

What unique challenges does your company face? We are always interested in discussing ideas for future developments, so please don´t hesitate to contact your local Schoeller Allibert representative and set up a meeting.

Contact us!

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